Photography enthusiasts of the Escapees RV Club
Issue #39 Mayl 2019  
by Mark Fagan
White Balance with the Colorchecker Passport
I am a bit anal but I really enjoy the technical aspect of photography… such as the way I set up my white balance. Try this if you have a Color Checker Passport: 1- Make a custom WB in camera with the gray card on the Passport. 2- Take a photo of Colorchecker Passport color squares with the new custom WB for use later when making a Custom Profile in Light Rooms Camera Calibration brick. 3- Load photo taken in step 2 of Passport into Lightroom. 4- Make a Custom Profile with it in LR from the Passport photo. (if you don’t know how, do a search for it) 5- Now apply Camera Profile you created to Passport photo. 6- Then use Light Room WB eyedropper on adjusted Passport photo gray square in the Landscape row section.
In the April issue of the newsletter I mentioned that quite a few of our new members were Pro’s or highly skilled photographers.  Member Mark Fagan falls into that category and he submitted the article below. Thank you Mark!  If you have a story or tip we would all like to hear it….. Lou
Photo by Mark Fagan
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What is White Balance?
With each step, the WB changes and gets more accurate. I showed Em this photo of Buddy, our dog, and his fur is the exact color. No messing with sliders etc. Hope this makes sense. Try it sometime, it’s fun and the colors come out really accurate! Mark Also- if you are looking for a high quality Step Up Ring for use with filters. I have discovered a brand called Breakthrough Photography. They cost a little more but they are made of brass and have a nice large knurled ring for easy removal. I got mine at Adorama. Those cheap aluminum rings would always get stuck on my lens and/or filter. 33454
Is Mark’s article (above) way over your head? If you are just a casual point and shoot or cellphone photographer you really don’t need the sophistication of Mark’s procedure. But you certainly can improve your images by choosing the correct white balance setting in your point and shoot camera or camera app. Usually this is as simple as choosing from one of 5 or 6 choices in the white balance menu. Here is a short article explaining, in simple terms, the minimum information you need to know about white balance. Lou
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Welcome New Members!
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We had eight new members join the B.O.F. in April! Our numbers continue to grow and as I mentioned on page one above we are seeing more and more very experienced photographers added to the roster.  At the top of the list below is Wesley Gibson who has been a professional photographer for forty years! His blog (pictured below) reads like a newsstand magazine. He has many tips, product reviews and more. Click his link and take a look for yourself.